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DN 300 – 1200

Our main product is our own SL-type butterfly valve. SL-type is delivered for clients all around the world.


  • Flangeless wafer body
  • Mounting between PN 16 or 10 flanges
  • Full port construction
  • Gas and vacuum tight
  • Wide range of materials available
  • Interchangeable seat body act as shaft seal, disc seat and flange gasket
  • Only disc and seat body are in contact with the medium

Läppäventtiilin rakenne

Construction of butterfly valve

Construction of butterfly valve

1. ISO 5211 mounting flange
2. Shaft bearing
3. Blow-up proof shaft
4. Square head connection
5. Shaft locking screw
6. One-piece body
7. Interchangeable seat body
8. Spherical disc
9. O-rings
10. Support ring
11. Bottom plug



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